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Leslie C. Corbin, CSAM is the President of RNI and she has been in the Publishing, Printing and Marketing Industries for over 30 years. Leslie has spent over the last decade recognizing and placing candidates that offer the greatest impact to our Client’s bottom line.

RNI’s Clients are industry global leaders who benefit from the thoroughness, confidentiality and high level of ethics that characterize each and every Candidate Search RNI conducts.

Leslie’s philosophy:

“I’m married to my profession, when a Client calls me they know I’m working on their behalf. Confidentiality is king in this business.”

“We are not a resume house, when we conduct a candidate search we aggressively go out and find them, thoroughly interview them for motivation and qualifications and only then present them to the Client.”

“Things happen when people trust you, gaining the trust of potential candidates and negotiating between the Client and candidate requires squeaky clean ethics. I enjoy working with people, especially in this business, I find it to be a win win situation.”

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